How do you mint / sell a 3D NFT? [Advanced]

Minting a 3D NFT is now possible at NFTz. This page will help you learn how. If you are interested in minting a regular NFT (.jpg/.png/.mp4) you can press here.

Minting a 3D NFT:

1. On the top-right of your screen, press the '=' button. (after logged in)

2. Choose 'Mint'.

3. Switch to '3D' underneath NFT Type.

4. At the “Drag & Drop your 3D files or browse” section, choose the file type that you want to use for the NFT. Just drop the folder containing the assets. Even if it´s only one.

(We currently support .OBJ, .FBX, .VRM, .GLB/.gLTF to a maximum of 100 MB) (File types have to be written without any spaces between the letters, or else the 3D file will not work in 3D mode)

5. Press 'Next- Prepare Assets'.

6. If you have an image already, you can go straight to Step 8.

7. Expand the window underneath for capture GIF/Screenshot.

Capture GIF/Screenshot

Set the following attributes:

a. Your background: You can use the fast colors ‘black’ or ‘white’ or press ‘-‘ to choose any color.

b. Press ‘Adjust Lighting’ and set your lights with the slider ‘right’. Remember you can also set shadows by moving the sliders ‘left’.

7. Choose the way you display your 3D NFT:

a. Press ‘Capture Rotating Gif’ if you want to make an automatic turning object.

b. Press ‘Capture Screenshot’ if you want to show only 1 inanimate screenshot.

8. Press ‘Use Existing’.

9. Choose ‘Drag & Drop your image or Browse’ (a custom-made JPG/PNG/GIF can be chosen)

10. Press 'Next-Prep for Mint'

11. Fill in your desired text in the 'Text for your NFT' field. This can be anything you'd like, including the name/number of the NFT, a short description, etc.

12. Fill in 'Min Bid', the desired amount of Deso you want; or fill in the desired amount of Deso at 'Buy Now'. [Only filling in Buy Now is easier if you don't know what to do]

13. Set the creator royalty and coinholder royalty.

14. Set Additional Royalties.

15. Set More options (advanced and collection).

Extra Options (for experienced creators)

[Extra 1: Additional Royalties]

It's possible to give other creators a royalty % on each sell of a NFT. There is no maximum of creators that can be added.

  1. Choose 'Deso Wallet' or 'Creator Coin' (Deso Wallet goes straight to the wallet of the creator. If you choose Creator Coin; the royalty will be used to buy an invisible amount creator Coin of that creator. This will drive the price up of their creator coin.

  2. Choose the % you want to give. The minimum is 0.01%.

  3. Choose the creator you want to give royalty and press 'Add'

[Extra 2: More Options (advanced and collection)]

2A: NFT Category and Copies

  • You can change the NFT Category by Pressing 'Art'. The default is Art.

  • You can change the amount of copies by pressing right of 'Copies'. The default is '1'

2B Unlockable Content

A. In the more options (advanced and collection) menu it's possible to set unlockable content By switching to 'Yes'

B1. You can write a text that will be transfered with the single or serial NFT.

B2 You can also add a file or a zip. A zip file can be used if it includes multiple files or is a really large file.

C. Press 'Add Unlockable'.

2C: Add extra / collection data

[Extra 3: Image Storage]

In the begin screen of the mint page underneath 'Image Storage' it's possible to change the place where you store your image.

Currently you can choose:

  1. 'Deso'

  2. 'IPFS'

  3. 'Arweave' (For Arweave you need a URL Link)

16. Double check everything! Especially if you have pressed 'Next - Prep for Mint'.

17. Press 'Mint Now'. Congratulations you have just minted a 3D NFT!

If It doesn't work:

If you keep getting errors, you can go to our troubleshoot section or contact us on our telegram or Discord.

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