With each NFT that you sell, you can set the royalties before minting. If you want to know the specifics on how to set your own royalties, see How do you mint an NFT? If you are interested in setting royalties for other creators see How to set additional royalties?

There are 2 different kinds of royalties:

a. Creator Royalty

b. Coin Holder Royalty

Creator Royalty

Creator Royalty gives a % of every sale to the original creator. This applies to the first sale but also each sale thereafter of the same NFT! For this example let's use the user NaderHeads as the creator.

To be very specific if a Creator Royalty is set on 10%. The creator for the NFT will receive 10% on the first sale. But also on the second sale, third sale etc. So, if a NFT is being sold for 1 DeSo the at the second sale the original creator (NaderHeads) will receive 10% of 1 Deso or 0.1 DeSo. If it is then sold a third time for 2 Deso. The original creator (NaderHeads) will receive for the third sale 10% of 2 DeSo or 0.2 DeSo.

Coin Holder Royalty

Coin Holder Royalty gives a % of every sale to the coin holder value of the original creator.

To be very clear DeSo wont be given to the coin holders of the artist. Instead if you are a coin holder you may see the price of the coin rise. You benefit from the price rise.

This will apply to every sale of the NFT. So, the first sale but also the second sale and third sale and so on.

NOTE: Currently NFTz does not utilize creator coin prices on our platform, so for now you can leave this value at 0% unless you are an advanced DeSo user. We will be implementing creator coin values in the near future.

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