Help, I have followed the steps of minting or cant setup an account but I still get errors. This page is to help with those errors. We want to make the experience of as comfortable as possible.

Error message

  1. Logout

  2. Login again

Relogging or using the link that is mentioned above will usually solve most problems. If you keep getting error messages, dont hestitate to contact us at our socials. If this doesnt work the following things can be the problem.

Stuck on loading

Sometimes when uploading an image or doing an action like transfer or burn the load icon keeps on loading. The first thing to do is to see if a logout and login resolves the issue. If this doesnt work its good to try to use after been logout. If the issue keeps existing, it might be related with the browser. We notice that the Brave browser has a pretty strong firewall that prevents certain actions from NFTz. Turning off the firewall of Brave might resolve the issue.

Not enough $Deso

To make posts and make a mint you need a very tiny amount of Deso. Make sure you have $Deso in your wallet on your acount. If you have made posts in the past we might help with sending a diamond. This can also trigger error 400.

Error: Request failed with status code 400

This error can cause multiple things. If you want to mint a NFT you can receive this error. This means you don't have enough Deso in your wallet to activate the mint. Also you can receive this error when you want to accept a bid. This actually means that the bidder doesn't have enough funds. This error can be removed if funds are being added to the wallet.

Can't claim an NFT

Did you finish all requirements to claim the NFT? If you keep on loading a signout and sign in again can sometimes resolve the issues.

Bidding doesnt work

Sometimes when people have multiple accounts a bug prevents from bidding on a NFT. By signing out and in again should resolve the issue.

Network problems

The network of Deso might not work as intented. Depending on the severity; relogging might work. If it worse, feel free to contact us. We can investigate the issue.

Node down

If goes down This one is beyond your control. If the node goes down it will not be possible to make posts or make mints. Usually it is resolved in a couple of hours. Feel free to contact us if you keep getting errors. We will investigate the issue and try to resolve this issue.

Can't Find the Mint Button on the mainscreen

The mint button is only avalailable on the PC. At mobile phones the mint button is behind the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

3D NFT not showing 3D button

These can be caused by 2 currently known issues:

My 3D NFT only shows an image or video but no 3D button.

  1. The Next-Prep for Mint' button hasnt been pressed after adding an image when the 3D file has been uploaded.

  2. File types have to be written without any spaces between the letters; else the 3D file will not work in 3D mode. Example '3D NFT.GLB' wont work but '3DNFT.GLB' will work.

Galleries wont switch when using the gallery menu

There is currently a bug preventing sometimes to switch to your made galleries. We suspect it has to do with NFTs being listed that arent in your possesssion anymore. By using the URL directly in your adress browser bar it should load correctly.

I can't find the Unlockable Content feature

This feature was almost never used and confuses new users, so we decided to remove it to make it an easier experience. There is a workaround. It's still possible to send a direct message to a buyer of an NFT and send a file through mail or use a dropbox.

My Metamask won't connect when minting on my Phone

Make sure your metamask app is up to date. Also make sure you have created a metamask wallet.

Feel free to go to our telegram or Discord.

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