How can I see the cheapest NFTs a creator has for sale?

At NFTz there are multiple ways to sort a creator's NFTs. From our personal experience, the most used sorting choices,when browsing NFT that are forsale, are 'Low Min Bid Price and 'Low Buy Price'. Even though they sound very similar there are some differences. If you are interested in an NFT project, the best place to start is at that project's 'zone'. For example if you are interested in Desomon, you can visit

Low Min Bid Price

This function sorts in order of the lowest price that has been bid on a creator's NFT. Because some NFTs also have provided a Buy Now price, you will sometimes see an NFT with a high Buy Now price, but a very low minimum bid price. An NFT with a Buy Now of 100 deso can have a minimum bid price of just 1 deso (or even lower). An advantage of choosing this type of sorting option is that you can make lower bids than the actual 'buy now' price. It's possible to get an NFT for cheaper if the creators accepts your offer. A disadvantage is that you might lose a bid or it wont be accepted.

Low Buy Now Price

This function sorts in order of the lowest buy now price for all of a creator's NFTs. An advantage of using 'buy now' prices when sorting, is that an NFT purchased via this method goes directly the buyer without having to wait for the seller to accept a bid. The prices of Buy Now tend to be higher than the minimum bid price that you will see. Some creators, however, set the bid price and the buy now price at the same amount. In that case it's best to choose the buy now price so you will instantly become the new owner. If you choose the minimum bid price; somebody can still choose the buy now and complete the sale instantly before the seller has a chance to accept your bid. Remember, bidding requires the seller to accept your offer, whereas 'buy now' creates an instant sale.

1. Go to the personal page of the creator.

2. Press 'For Sale'.

3. Change 'Sort by' to 'Low Min Price' or 'Low Buy Price'.

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