How to add traits to your NFT by form? [Expert]

Some NFT projects have traits to create more value and a way to differentiate each NFT. By adding traits it will convert it into a collection with a collection name. It's possible to have 1 very big collection of NFTs, but also possible to make different collections of the same NFT series. (i.e. first season, second season, etc.) You can decide your own names for each collection.

How to add traits to an NFT by Form

  1. Make sure you are logged in.

  2. Press '=' on the top-right of your screen.

  3. Choose 'Mint'.

  4. Click on โ€˜More options (advanced and collection)โ€™ box (on the mobile you might have to tilt your screen sidewards to see this button)

  5. Use โ€˜Formโ€™ to insert data by hand

  6. Press 'Add +' to include the traits.

  7. Mint the NFT.

It doesnt work:

If you keep getting errors you can go to our troubleshoot or contact us at our telegram or Discord.

Traits by Form

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