How do you create a claimable free NFT?

At NFTz it's possible to create a claimable free NFT that will automatically be transferred to the user if they fulfill a set requirements. This saves the creator a lot of time in not having to transfer the NFTs manually, especially if giving away a large number of NFTs. If you are interested in transferring an NFT manually to another user, click on transfer.

Create a claimable NFT:

  1. Make sure you are logged in.

  2. Go to the corresponding NFT or mint a new NFT: The NFT must have multiple serials and not be on sale at the time.

  3. Click on ~Options. (on a mobile device go to 'Details' first)

  4. Choose 'Start / Update Claim Action'. (Set an email address if you haven't set one yet and verify it).

  5. Press 'get derived key'

  6. Choose 'Approve'

  7. Set your preferred conditions in order for users to claim the NFT:

  • User must follow you

  • User must repost NFT

  • User must like NFT

  • User must diamond NFT (min 1 to 4 diamonds req)

You can also choose to leave them all off.

8. Press 'Update Auction'.

If this doesn't work:

Remember your NFT must have multiple serials (more than one copy) or else you will get the following message 'Claim action is only available for NFTs with at least 1 copy / stock / serial and you must be the creator.' When you mint an NFT remember to set multiple copies beneath the 'more options (advanced and collection) menu'. If you have minted an NFT with multiple serials you can create a claimable NFT.

If you continue receiving errors you can go to our troubleshoot or contact us at our telegram or Discord.

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