How do you make a Deso Identity?

For using NFTz you need a Deso Identity. Think of it like making an account but with more benefits. It also functions as a cryptowallet and you can use it on multiple nodes (websites and apps).

Making an account

  1. Go to

  2. Click on 'Connect'

  3. Choose either 'Sign up with DeSo seed' or 'Sign up / log in with MetaMask'.

  4. If you choose the former, write down your seed phrase and secure it somewhere very safe (Dont ever lose it; or give it away; its your wallet!)

  5. Press 'Next'

  6. Write or paste your seed phrase again and press 'Next' again.

  7. Choose 'Get $DESO with ID'

  8. Press 'Start'

  9. Choose your country and choose 'Passport', 'Driver's license' or 'Identity card'

  10. Make a photo of the front and the back.

  11. Finish the tutorial.

Congratulations you have made an account and are ready to use Deso!

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