What is the DeSo Blockchain?

DeSo stands for the Decentralized Social Blockchain. It is a scalable, social, layer-1 blockchain, which seeks to allow a single social identity across the Web 3.0 space. There can be many applications and nodes on the DeSo blockchain. Nftz.me is one of these nodes and applications. The DeSo blockchain is scaled to handle transactions on a social level for Web3. The ability to scale in a cost-effective way is one of the greatest advantages of DeSo when compared to other blockchains.

Essentially the DeSo blockchain is a publicly accessible database that multiple websites, apps and nodes can tie into. These apps are able to both read from and write data into the DeSo blockchain (database). Not all data from each node needs to be shared at all times, but there is a huge value in sharing data, between nodes, apps and websites in many cases.

DeSo went live in March 2021 (originally as 'BitClout').

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