How do you make a metamask identity?

With the implimentation of Metamask it's possible to use Deso with just your metamask wallet. If you don't have a metamask wallet you can go to the next page and use Deso Identity.

Make a Deso MetaMask account

  1. Go to

  2. Click on 'Create Account'

  3. Choose 'Sign up / log in with MetaMask'

  4. Press 'Connect'

  5. Press 'Get Started'

  6. Press 'No Thanks' or 'Agree'

  7. Choose 'Import Wallet' (unless you have no MetaMask Wallet, choose 'create a Wallet')

  8. Fill in the 'secret phrase' and 'make a password'.

  9. Congratulations you have succeeded. Press 'All done'.

The next time if you go or DesocialWorld and you choose 'Sign up or Log in with MetaMask' you can choose your MetaMask account.

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