How do you make a gallery on your personal page?

On its possible to make your own galleries. This is very handy if you collect multiple NFTs and you want to show them seperately for each artist. You can have a Cloutpunk gallery and a Rowdy Reptilians gallery, etc. Creators that are interested in buying can see the NFTs which you own very easily. Its also possible to share the URL to a particular user-created gallery on social media by going to How do you share galleries? At NFTz it's also possible to create a 3D Gallery.

1. Log in with your account.

2. Press '=' in the top-right corner of your screen.

3. Choose 'Manage' and then 'Galleries'.

4. Click 'Featured' on 'Manage gallery'.

5. Choose 'New…'

6. Change the Gallery Name to the name you want. [For example: Cloutpunk]

7. Choose the NFT’s you want to show in your gallery [They show up on right and become green]

8. When you're finished press 'save changes'.

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