What is NFTz?

NFTz is short for NFTz Zone.

The website officially launched in beta on Monday, October 4, 2021. The company was founded by the Krassenstein Twins (Eddie and Brian) and the van Halen Brothers (Martijn, Bas & Wouter). NFTz.me also operates as a node on the DeSo blockchain.

Our objective is to put forward the smoothest experience for browsing the DeSo NFT marketplace as well as showcasing one's NFTs.

Below are just a handful of features we have rolled out with our beta launch:

  • Customized Creator Zones

  • Ability to create collections around one's NFT series or similarly grouped NFTs

  • The purchase of NFTs

  • The sale of NFTs

  • Robust and simple searching of NFT traits

  • The ability to mint NFTs with binding traits

  • Detailed statistics related to DeSo NFT sales, minting and creators

  • Create and search posts

  • Much more to come!

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