How to add unlockable content? [Advanced]

It's possible to add unlockable content to NFTs at NFTz. This feature is not for highly confidential files but rather high quality version(s) of an NFT, a message to NFT owners or a QR code. It's also possible to add multiple files within the unlockable content when they are bundled in a zip file. Most file types are supported, but we recommend keeping the file size below 100MB. This feature also allows for the unlockable content to be accessed by a new owner once an NFL is sold or transferred.

How to you add unlockable content?

  1. Log in on your

  2. Go to the top-right of your screen and click the '=' button and choose 'Mint'. (If using a desktop computer you can also click 'Mint' directly on the top of the screen.)

  3. Expand the 'More options (advanced an collection)' button.

  4. Click 'Yes' under 'Unlockable'.

5a. You can now input the text you'd like to send to the owner(s) of the NFT.

5b. Then click on the square behind 'upload file?' Next you can 'choose file'.

6. Click 'Add Unlockable'

7. Mint the NFT.

​If this doesn't work: Please goto our troubleshoot page or contact us on our telegram or Discord.

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