How do you navigate an NFT in 3D?

Only NFTs that have been minted using 3D file types (.gltf, .obj, fbx) are able to be shown in 3D or VR. These NFTs have specifically been created for 3D or VR. Its not possible to show a .jpg/.png in 3d directly. NFTs that can be shown in 3D have a ‘3D symbol’ on the top-right corner of the NFT.

If you would like to see NFTs in VR instead, you can go to this page.

How to see a 3D NFT in 3D?

1. Go to the NFT you want to see in 3D or VR.

2. On the bottom-left of the NFT image, press on ‘Show 3D’ (remember this is only showable on NFTs that are 3D/VR compatible)

Movement in 3D (with phone)

  • With 1 finger you can pan the 3D object.

  • With 2 fingers you can move the 3D object.

Movement in 3D (with mouse)

  • With the left mouse button you can pan the 3D object.

  • With the right mouse button you can move the 3D object.

Extra options in 3D/VR

1. You can turn off and on the sky by clicking in the box with the word sky. If you see the 'V' symbol it means this feature is turned on.

2. You can switch to another sky by clicking on the window next to the sky.

3. You can switch the room off and on by clicking in the box with the word 'Room.'

4. You can switch the background quickly to black or white by clicking on the white or black box.

5. If you see a box called ‘Loop’ it means this NFT has animation. You can click it on or off.

6. If you want to view the object in fullscreen you can click on ‘FullScreen’. You can then exit fullscreen by pressing ‘ESC’.

If it doesn't work:

If you keep getting errors you can go to our troubleshoot or contact us on our telegram or Discord.

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